Monograph AB

Hochschild, Arlie Russell. The Managed Heart. 1st ed., Berkeley, University Of California Press, 2012,.

Throughout the book The Managed Heart by Arlie Russell Hochschild the main idea is that there is a gender division in society. Sense the day we are born we are raised to have thoughts on the way we are supposed to act and behave based on what gender we are. This can be supported when the author explains, “This specialization of emotional labor in the marketplace rests on the different childhood training of the heart that is given to girls and to boys” (163).  The author is examining how people are expected to uphold different standards. We also observe that the author has examined a study of when men and women are in the same job positions and still being treated differently. “A study by Wikler (1976) comparing male with female university professors found that students expected women professors to be warmer and more supportive than male professors; given these expectations, proportionally more women professors were perceived as cold” (168). By observing this the audience is able to better agree with the authors main point. 

Hochschild does a good job developing a relationship with the audience in order to develop trust. By giving examples of studies that have been done in the past he develops reliability. The argument of this book raises ethical questions about the gender division we often see throughout society. It also leads to questioning parenting styles and how effective the influence our parents have on us can be. The author does an excellent job at describing their view nonetheless, at times it feels more biased that only women are being subjected to the social norms our society has created. For example when the author states, “The reason, at bottom, is the fact that women in general have far less independent access to money, power, authority, or status in society” (163). This example shows how the author is focusing more on the effect on women over that of men. Although there is small evidence that shows it effects men to, it mostly focused towards the women of our society.

This source was very useful in showing that the gender division between males and females have been around for a long time. It shows that it is not the ultrasound that truly created the division, but also proves that it didn’t help end the division. This also leads me to questions of if we took away the stereotypical color of blue and pink while children were young, could it lead to getting rid of other social norms that divide our society?


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