Why are Ultrasounds so Expensive?

Jenson, Graham. “Why Are Ultrasound Machines So Expensive?”. MaoriGeek. N.p., 2016. Web. 3 Nov. 2016.

Throughout this article Graham Jenson explains what ultrasounds are made out of and why it is that they are so expensive. Jenson goes through the most expensive part of the ultrasound which is the transducer and explains how it is made out of a ceramic called Lead zirconate titanate. In addition to this he also discusses how there is a large amount of money that goes into the computer and software. Jenson’s main point is informing society of how expensive it is to produce the ultrasound machine.

The author makes a strong argument by going into detail of all the pieces that go into building an ultrasound. His research is strong as he examines each and every piece with detail. He does a good job with relating to the audience by making connections. For example when he says, “I just couldn’t reconcile the cost with the technology and the simplicity and usefulness of such a tool” (Jenson). By saying it in this way the audience begins to take on a similar view point and realizes that the price does seem unreasonable. This causes the audience to trust any further information that will be brought up from the author. If one agrees with a statement they are more likely to believe the facts that are brought up. In addition the author brings up the idea of a cheaper way to create ultrasounds, if this is true then it could decrease issues of unequal access to classes.

This article was very useful as it brought up the point of ultrasounds being expensive, however, the author also acknowledged a solution. This lead back to when we saw that lower classes often do not receive as many ultrasounds. The solution Jenson brings up is, “Newcastle University is working on a $40-50 ultrasound which has gotten some media attention”(Jenson). If everyone had equal access it would defeat the problem of access. This would take away from social judgment and social pressure for those who wish to refrain from getting an ultrasound.



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