Arkansas Outlawing the Children’s Vending Machines & More

Raczynski, James M. et al. “Arkansas Act 1220 of 2003 to Reduce Childhood Obesity: Its Implementation and Impact on Child and Adolescent Body Mass Index.” Journal of Public Health Policy, vol. 30, 2009, pp. S124-S140.

This article in the Journal of Public Health Policy reviews an act put into place by the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2003. The act created a Child Health Advisory Committee that consisted of 15 members and met monthly, as well as prohibiting food and beverage vending machines in elementary schools, and requirements to list student’s BMI percentile on their report cards and have a nutrition and activity advisory board in every school district, and improve PE curricula and teacher training. The journal review of what the act has done found that some changes needed to be made with the BMI reports but there were few negative consequences and results they called a success.

This paper argued for the success of Act 1220, suggesting it would be a good act for other states or even the country to pursue. The results seemed somewhat flawed, listing that the percentage of obese public school students had increased but that the act had “halted the progression of the childhood obesity epidemic” because the sum of percentages of obese and overweight students had decreased by 0.3%. There was an about the author section at the bottom listing the five authors credentials, 2 Ph.D.s, one as an M.D., and 2 JDs.

This act shows that removal of food and beverage vending machines can decrease the number of overweight/obese children. This shows that vending machines have been promoting unhealthy activities.


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