Anthology Source

Collin, Robin Morris, and Robert Collin. “Environmental Reparations.” 2005. The Quest for Environmental Justice Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution, edited by Robert D. Bullard, San Francisco, Sierra Club Books, 2005, pp. 209-21.

In this chapter of my required anthology the two authors are discussing the mistreatment of people that are living in cities near landfills. Specifically the what the environmentalist and governmental programs that are happening in these areas. Most of their argument is for equal treatment and placement of landfills in areas of poor communities as those that are in areas of wealthy communities, but it still has some environmental issues that they argue for.

This chapter of the anthology relates to other sources that I am using through the notion of government. The two articles that I include in my essay discuss the governmental programs that cities and countries have constructed to become practically waste free. This relates to my anthology quote because my quote, states that governmental actions must first be exclusively clear on what they what done for the environment before anything else can occur. Just as though the countries in my other articles, they were able to make it clear to the public what was going to happen and that is going to change the amount of waste that affects the environment every year.

Follow up questions that I will pursue are centered around government. What are the very first steps the government has to do to change the way people manage their waste? Since everyone and every governmental body is concerned about currency and revenue I would also like to know what the taxes that are required to get programs like those in other countries started?


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