Backpacks not Bullets

Everytown, Florida Moms Demand Action Release New TV Ad, “Backpacks, Not Bullets,” in              Opposition to Guns in Schools Bills.” U.S.NewswireMar 05 2015. ProQuest. Web. 14    Nov. 2016.

This article goes right along with the Texas Lawmakers on. Across Florida there have been television advertisements attempting to repeal the law would allow concealed weapons on school campuses. Right now, there are around 6 laws that could potentially be signed off on, and they range from allowing concealed weapons on college campuses to schools K-12. In the mom’s advertisement, they call for backpack not bullets on college campuses, because not only are you telling students you need to be used to seeing guns, but you are saying you can’t trust society anymore. With how easy it is to get a concealed weapon, who is to say that now students wouldn’t start bringing guns to school. People could argue that it will prevent school shooters, because now more people will be there to fight back. However; fighting fire with fire is never the right option. People could oppositely argue that when there is a more abundant source of guns around, more people will feel unsafe, and could take advantage of the guns to act out.

These bills aren’t stopping in Florida, I was talking to my friend who goes to the University of Kansas about these laws, and she informed me that next year KU will also be allowing permit holders to bring guns on campus. What she said really left an impression on me, “It scares me because how would you know if someone that you walk past has a gun or not?”. This is true on so many levels, it is one thing to have police officers with firearms, who have been trained with the weapon, then a random civilian that is bringing it on campus for protection.

I am left wondering what kind of safety implications are they going to be putting on the people that can bring them to campus. How will the universities, or schools ensure to the parents, of the child that attends their campus, that having more weapons around your child will make them safer. And if this becomes successful, and the number of shootings decrease, how widespread will guns become. Will our future generations be so used to having guns around them, that they aren’t even fazed by the sight of them?


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