Japanese Town No Waste Article

Poon, Linda. “This Japanese Town Shows How ‘Zero Waste’ Is Done.” City Lab, 9 Dec. 2015, http://www.citylab.com/politics/2015/12/let-this-japanese-town-show-you-how-zero-waste-is-done/419706/.

This source is a very important source for my essay. This is a online article that tells its audience about a Japanese town that was able to become a practically waste free town. They were able to make it practically waste free through government actions eliminating some common ways people have gotten use to disposing of their waste. They removed all garbage trucks and started to make people sort their trash so all of the items that can either be composted or recycled get recycled or composted. This article also discussed the amount of trash that gets recycled in the United States, which is 16%.

This article about a town reducing the amount of waste being produced by citizens down to practically zero, connects with other sources that I am using in my essay by showing steps that other parts of the have done to eliminate waste. The challenge that is constant in these sources is the fact that they were only able to achieve practically zero through government involvement, which many parts of the world including parts of the United States do not want the government telling them what to do.

I would like to how long this process has taken for this town in Japan? I would also like to know, who had initial negative thoughts and statements regarding the new program and what the statements were and if they have changed over time?


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