Toddler Deaths in 2015

In 2015 more toddlers killed people than terrorist did. “Noting that “in most cases, the toddlers are killing or injuring themselves,” Ingraham counted 58 total toddler-involved shootings in 2015 as of 17 December, of that year. In 19 instances toddlers shot and killed themselves, and in two others toddlers shot and killed other individuals.  That brought the total of toddler-involved shooting deaths in the United States in 2015 to 21.” In this article, Lacapria emphasizes how in every one of these cases the toddler firstly had access to a weapon. Children at that young of a age are learning through observation and when they see their parent putting a gun into a drawer they remember it. Another aspect that this article talks about is how most of these cases are new shown on the news unless a parent dies. Personally, I have never seen a toddler shooting in the news and I think if these stories were more easily accessible they would change the way we see gun control reforms. And even with the FBI keeping some of the terrorist involved deaths a secret to “not smear the public” there is still a bigger number of toddler related deaths.

This number honestly makes me so sad. Every year innocent children must hurt themselves and others around them simply because of how accessible a gun is. If a person were to have a gun around a young child, they must remember that a main part of the human development is observational learning. When a child sees an adult, even if it’s in a TV show with a gun, then sees it in their own home, they are going to assume that guns are okay to play with. Especially when toy guns are very common today.

Thinking about this I am now wondering why child proofing guns haven’t already been implemented. Is there such thing as child proofing technology for guns? If there isn’t I think this would be an okay medium for gun supporters who believe having guns make them and their family safer.


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