Vending Fetishes

Mikkelson, David. “The Love Machine.”, 12 Jan. 2010, Accessed 28 Nov. 2016.

This Snopes article confirms that the Japanese attraction for sexy schoolgirls has developed into vending machines selling the girls’ used underwear on street corners. Even after the Japanese governemt made this illegal, they are still somewhat common machines to find.

Snopes is a good source for evaluating the truth of some wacky claims. This article does a great job of giving background on the bura-sera fetish and the incentive girls have to trade their underwear in for money. It compares sex appeal in Japan and Western society and describes Japan’s bustling vending machine industry, selling horoscopes, cameras, and pantyhose through the machines.

This article and it’s attached sources and useful links is helpful in evaluating how the privacy of a vending machine can lead to consequennces disturbing to society. It is helpful to have the history, comparisons, laws, and current situation all presented together.


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