Future Society when the Vending Machine is Concerned

It’s a store run by robots! It’s an overpriced scame! A hub for addicts! It tracks employee’s every move! It’s a 2000 year old technology! It just underwent liposuction! It’s a 52ft3 music/sex/pizza/food/etc. shop!

Well actually it’s a vending machine. And it kind of is all of those things. And it might just destroy the world.

Vending machines will lead to the destruction of society by erasing many jobs in the supply chain. People will have no money and their failed attempts to rob vending machines will lead to the number of people being killed by vending machines to increase rapidly. Furthermore, forms of payment will be unable to advance past the payment the vending machines accept.

If vending machines were to shrink into obscurity, small businesses would go out of business because they would no longer be able to sell product 24/7. Companies would not be able to track the use of materials by their employees who would constantly need manager’s approval to operate items. The companies would end up overusing, overbuying, and running out of things and jobs would not be able to get completed in a timely fashion. Soda and snack companies would experience a huge profit loss and many employees would be laid off, leading to a crash in the economy. Diabetic people would no longer have easy access to vending machines full of candy when they have low blood sugar and they would descend into bad hypoglycemic attacks.

If vending machines had never existed in the first place, not many significant or terrible changes would happen. Dispensing of product (gas, coffee, water, cereal, etc) would not be as easily controlled. If people could not get to a store when it was open, they would not be able to experience the product or service sold there. People would be able to pay and get what they want, even if their money is wrinkled or wet. Casinos would only consist of card and board and ball games. Cafeteries would be more common and products with age limits could be kept from underage people slighly easier.


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