Hypodermic Needle Cultural Source

“Synopsis for Trainspotting.” IMDb, 1996, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117951/synopsis?ref_=ttpl_pl_syn.

The movie Trainspotting follows a heroin addict and his group of fellow addicts. The main character, Renton, once decides to give up heroin, but fails after he commits multiple unintelligent actions, such as sleeping with a 15 year old girl. Throughout the movie, the groups heroin use is the main cause of many terrible things that happen to them. Eventually Renton is forced by his parents to beat his addiction, and once clean he can see what heroin has cost his friends. Renton miraculously never contracted HIV from sharing needles, but when he goes to visit his friend Tommy, he discovers that he is lost in his heroin addiction and has contracted HIV. In this movie, the terrible affects that heroin can have on one’s life are depicted, and this is all facilitated through the use of needles. Drug using is a source of bad connotations regarding needles. This movie shows the ugly side of the use of needles, where rather than helping and healing people, they cause massive destruction and harm to the people and their lives. Trainspotting is a great cultural example of the depiction of needles, and some of the harmful, rather than healing, aspects of them. This source relates to the argument in the essay about the dangerous and harmful side of the needle. Also, this directly relates to the other sources about drug abusers and how needles cause harm and spread diseases among intravenous drug abusers. A couple questions produced by this source could be “what other cultural examples of drug abuse are there? How are drug abusers viewed in society?”.


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