Hypodermic Needle Web Page

“Costs.” UNOS Transplant Living, Transplant Living, transplantliving.org/before-the-transplant/financing-a-transplant/the-costs/.

This source was very informative, factual, and reliable. It gave me insight into what people have to go through when they need a transplant. This web page included information on all of the medical and non-medical costs of getting an organ transplant. Some of the medical costs were insurance related, pre-transplant evaluations, surgery, rehabilitation, and many more. The non-medical costs included food, lodging, transportation, child care, etc. The non-medical costs included many things that many people would not generally think about when thinking of the costs of getting a transplant. The specific piece of information that I was looking for was the overall cost of getting a liver transplant. On the web page it stated that the estimated U.S. average 2011 billed charges per transplant for a liver was 577,100 dollars, which is extremely expensive. The information from this source regarding the cost of getting a liver transplant was a small but extremely important piece of information for my essay. This statistic was used to give the reader a perspective as to how damaging and costly needing a liver transplant really is. This was related to and integrated with the sources about Hepatitis C, because this disease causes extensive damage to the liver which often causes people to need a liver transplant. This related to the essay as a whole because Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood to blood contact, often being transmitted through hypodermic needles being shared. This source led to the question “what other extreme costs could hypodermic needles (or the diseases they can spread) cause?”.

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