Journal about Compostable Trash Bags

Ruiz, Frank A. “A New Class of High-Performance Compostable Plastic Bags and Can Liners.” Journal of Plastic Film & Sheeting, vol. 23, Apr. 2007. SAGE Journals Online, doi:10.1177/8756087907082343.

This source is a scholarly journal with the topic of compostable trash bags. The author Frank Ruiz mainly explains the facts and the statistics about the compostable trash bag. The factual and statistical pieces of his writing are very important to my paper because I talk about a statistic regarding the decomposition rate of a regular trash bag that is made out of plastic, so I need a good counter to persuade my audience into thinking that regular trash bags are extremely harmful to the environment. Since I use a source regarding the rate of which a regular trash bag decomposes, it was important for me to find a article that talks about the tests and steps taken to make and proven that the decomposition rate of a compostable bag is far greater than a normal trash bag.

This source relates back to my other source written by Meagan Cline regarding the many types of compostable trash bags. However these sources are different on the basis that Ruiz’s writing is more factual and scientifically based when Cline’s writing is a persuasive article. Both make a good argument for why someone should use a compostable trash bag rather than a regular trash bag; however their arguments are displayed in a different way.

How can cities try to implement compostable trash bags to the public?


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