Laws Punishing Improperly Placed Trash

Cooper, Rob, and Amie Keeley. “New EU Rules Mean Households Will Be Legally Required to Separate All Rubbish for Recycling from 2015.” Daily Mail, 16 Oct. 2013,

This news article written by Rob Cooper and Amie Keeley is about the EU regulating how people dispose of their waste. England and Wales realized that people are wasting to much. They have also noticed that the items that are ending up in trash bags or trash bins should either be recycled or composted. This is why the cities of England and Wales have implemented new laws requiring people to separate their trash into very specific groups, for example paper only, plastic only, “food slops”, and much more. If they fail to separate their trash properly they are at risk of receiving fines that local law enforcement was able to hand out Towards the beginning of the implementation of the new laws the public was not happy about  all of the bins and bags that were need and that ended up crowding side walks in front of houses. However like most new laws people have gotten use to the program and like the results the program.

This article relates to my other article about a Japanese town that was able to make themselves practically waste free. These sources are connected through the way these cities were able to reduce their waste. They were all able to reduce their waste by having the government step in and change laws regarding people disposing of their waste.

I would like to know how long this process has taken for these towns? I would also like to know, who had initial negative thoughts and statements regarding the new program and what the statements were and if they have changed over time?


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