Many Types of Addictions

Orford, Jim. Excessive Appetites: A Psychological View of Addictions. 2nd ed., Wiley, 2001.

This scholarly monograph looks at how people experience addictions to more things than just heroin and cocaine, dedicating each chapter to a different topic, including food, sex, and alcohol. The author argues that all of these can all be negative and dangerous addictions and should be treated as serious issues.

As a doctor in psychology, Orford is a reliable source on this topic and he uses scientific data to back his claims up. He does a good job of not immediately saying everything about addiction is wrong but by explaining what most people already think about addiction and how we can add to that foundation to consider addiction in a much broader sense.

My other research has shown how many products in vending machines are the very items Orford writes as being addicting. This and other campaigns to remove vending machines with these substances support my paper’s planned argument.


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