No More Trashbag Kids

Piraino, Michael. “No More Trashbag Kids.” The Huffington Post, 11 Feb. 2015,

This news source is commenting on the terrible struggle that thousands of kids have to live with. This article written by Michael Piraino talks about the struggles an child in the foster care program has to deal with aside from not having parents/family to come home to everyday. Piraino discusses the cultural campaign that many people have started to give the children in the foster care system a duffel bag to put their personal affects in, rather than needing to use a trash bag. This article really tries to touch the emotions of the audience by showing kids that are in desperate need of help. Given the emotional aspect of the article Piraino is trying to influence his audience to take action or at least notice the struggles of these children.

This source is a cultural source about trash bags that I relate to the cultural tragedies of murders. Both of these uses for the trash bag are terrible and make the people who are reading them emotional. However the sources give two different emotions that I am trying to show in my essay of how the trash bag is a technology that effects more than just the environment.

Do we want these children that their knick-knacks are garbage? Are we saying that they are garbage as well because we are putting the objects that they love into a bag that signifies disgust and filth?


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