The Feathered Dinosaurs Can’t Be Stopped!


Scientists in China have found a 99 million year old dinosaur tail encased in a piece of amber a jeweler had been shaping. They were delighted to see the undeniable feathers coating the segment of tail. The experts say that the structure of the tail and feathers signify that this tail is not from a flying dinosaur, and that the feathers were present more for show. The amber sample has been nicknamed Eva, after University of Alberta Paleobotany professor Eva Koppelhus. It is thought that the tail belongs to a juvenile coelurosaur, a large clade of animals including the Tyrannosaurus and modern birds. The amber comes from the mines of the Hukawng Valley in Kachin, China. These mines are thought to preserve the largest variety of Cretaceous animals and plants. Scientists hope to explore the contents of these mines more as political tensions in the area continue to diminish.


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