The history of trash

Bacioglu, Hasret. “History of Consumption and Waste, World, 1500s.” Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste: The Social Science of Garbage, edited by Carl A. Zimring and William L. Rathje. SAGE Reference Online,

This source is an Encyclopedia which means the content of this source is primarily a factual source. This specific section of the source is to inform the audience of the history behind garbage. Specifically how trash was being disposed in the 1500s. I use this source in my paper to show significance of improperly disposed of waste. I exemplify the importance of properly disposing of trash through the fact that the Bubonic Plague was cause through trash out on the streets and waterways.

This source aligns with other sources that I will be using in my essay by explaining how people disposed of waste. The source references how many problems have occurred form people dumping their waste out on the streets which directly aligns with one source about land, water, and air contamination from improperly disposing of waste in areas. It also relates to other sources about how disposing of trash effects many aspects of a persons life. Even though there were no government regulations in the 1500s compared to the ones in the 21st century waste effects them both.

I would like to know the amount of waste an average person in the 1500s produces compared to the average person in the 21st century. Are there religions (Amish) that produce the same amount of waste in the 21st century as the average amount of waste produced by a person?


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