Trash Bag Killers

Blanco, Juan Ignacio. “Patrick Wayne Kearney.” Murderpedia,

This source is all about the horrendous actions of Patrick Wayne Kearney. This source describes who Patrick Kearney was and what he did with his victims. I am using this source in a cultural way to show that there are many other uses to the trash bag then just for the collection of garbage. I am also using this as a argumentative source in my paper explaining that if people do not ignore that capabilities of the trash bag you can get so much more than their intended purpose. I am not saying that the actions of Patrick Kearney did were good, I am just trying to explain and give an example of someone using the trash bag as a tool rather than considering it a simple bag that collects garbage.

Unfortunately the other source that relates/connects to this source about death is not much better. It is all about kids that are in the foster care system that have to put their personal affects into garbage bags. What effects does this have towards the kids? Many people wonder why killers put bodies in bags. Maybe because they consider their victims to be garbage. If this is true, what should the kids think of their stuff or themselves since they are forced to use garbage bags?

I really want to figure out why killers but bodies in trash bags. Is it solely because the trash bag gives the user the ability to transport many large objects at a time? Or is it because they consider their victims to garbage?


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