Trash Bag Monograph

Bilitewski, Bernd. Waste Management. Berlin, Springer, 1996.

This monograph written by the German Doctor and Professor Bernd Bilitewski is about the entire waste management system. The cover of the book helps exemplify the steps Bilitewski took to write this book. Bilitewski is writing this book in a cycle still, first starting with the homeowners throwing away their trash into a bag or garbage bin, then having a garbage truck come pick up the household trash, and then finally the truck taking the trash to either a landfill or incinerator for the final stage of the waste management process. Bilitewski does not include the process of the items first entering the house because not all of the items that enter the house get thrown away. The parts of Bilitewski’s work that I am using in my essay relate to improperly disposed of trashing harming the environment and the people around it.

Bilitewski’s book relates to other sources that I have through facts about improperly disposed of waste, effects on the environment, and the effects on the people neighboring the disposal sites. This relates to my source about the history of garbage by continuing the concept that improperly disposed of trash like the trash in the 1500s will cause horrific harm to not only the environment but to the people especially. The harm includes many deadly diseases that are explained in my other source.

Given that Bilitewski wrote a book on pretty much the entire process of waste disposal and management I am wondering if there will ever be a way for people to have items that they both want and need, however have no waste products?


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