Trash Bags 101

“Trash Bags 101.” U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC,

This source is a webpage that explains how a trash bag is made. Specifically the materials that are inside of the trash bag. I am using this source in my essay to inform my audience about the materials that are used to make a generic trash bag. With the knowledge from this source I am able to explain that the materials of the trash bag are designed so they conceal every object that gets put inside of it. More importantly than the ability of concealment is the strength of the trash bag, not allowing any tears, holes, or rips in the bag making it useless. By having the knowledge of the material of the trash bag I am able to talk about the negative attributes of the material, for example the decomposition rate of the plastic in a landfill.

The sources that are about compostable trash bag relate to this source through the materiality of the trash bags. Even though I am comparing and contrasting the two types of bags they are all very connected. Both are able to conceal, trap, and transport garbage, which is the most important feature of the trash bag. However it can also be the most harmful feature of it as well.

I would like to know how many of the generic plastic bags are produced in a day or year. And survey statistics about the public’s knowledge of other trash bags, such as compostable and recyclable.

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