Chain Supply of an MRI

Pantalony, D. “The Cost of Living: Tracing the Supply Chain for Superconductors in MRI

Machines.” Canadian Medical Association Journal 183.11 (2011): n. pag. Web.

The research done by David Pantalony is hugely critical in tracing back the supply chain of an important ingredient to the manufacturing of an MRI. The ingredient is niobium and the controversy surrounding its mining process is substantial. Pantalony found that the American intelligence experts considered the Brazilian mine for niobium to be a security and health concern. Pantalony’s research in Brazil showed that niobium miners have been exposed to concentrated levels of toxins and radiation in their job. There is also a connection between increased amounts of radon produced in niobium mining and increased cancer incidence among workers. Other places like Oregon have been responsible for the radioactive sludge created from its rare metal refining and processing.

The way that Pantalony lays out his research in his scientific journal is neatly organized. The language is not overly complicated, which made reading his work actually enjoyable to read unlike some scientific journals. He made the evidence he found quite interesting, it makes the reader want to find out more about the topic and what else anybody has done to help stop the environmental and health risks.

The controversy about niobium fits into my theme about the MRI perfectly. The environmental and human health risks challenge the value system society has on medical technology. It makes us question whether the MRI is really worth the good health of thousands of miners and the good of our environment. This article is the key issue that is discussed in my paper.


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