Common MRI Problems

By Janae Leach

Batterbee, Jordan. “Top Four MRI Scanner Service Problems and Solutions.” Top Four MRI

Scanner Service Problems and Solutions. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.

This article addresses the common issues MRI machines may possess. The author makes a great effort to help readers realize that even though their MRI machine may be broken, it is most likely a simple problem that can be easily fixed. Usually, if an MRI machine is experiencing technical difficulties, the owner may fear that they may have to purchase an entirely new machine. To avoid wasting thousands of dollars on a brand-new machine, this article helps to put worried owners’ minds at ease. It tells them to check for these four common problems before they should start considering a new purchase. The four most common problems MRI machines encounter are that the helium levels are low, power outages, image artifacts, and heat exchanger temperature errors. The article provides the solution to each of these problems as well.

The author gave this specific article a very light-hearted tone and attempted to include jokes in order to relate to the reader. It was actually really interesting that the author chose to use humor because normally, one would think of the MRI as a very serious, powerful piece of medical equipment. Yet the author includes language like “that little vein that runs up the middle of your forehead is bulging like a bratwurst on the barbecue.” The way they explained each solution made it seem easy and doable.

This articles aids a point in my paper that talks about why current MRI owners choose not to buy a new machine even though the newer models are faster and more efficient. Most glitches are easy fixes so people see no need to order a new MRI machine.


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