Mattress Culture

This article depicts the epidemic that happened and may still be happening in China, published in 2006. Chinese workers were being worked to extremes that bureaus began providing their workers with mattresses so they can stay at the office to continue their tasks. Because the employees were being paid so low, they took the offer and ended up killing themselves as they pushed their bodies too hard for extended periods of time. Geoffrey York brings up how only until the death of a former athlete had succumbed to such fate. Through York’s writing, he provides a sense of urgency but also an unbiased stance, relaying information the public needs to realize the problem, but not pushing the reader to accept a certain side. Though there was an outrage in the country, it seemed as though the government did nothing to help the problem. Should the government be more involved in how much companies should be paying their workers? This article also shows a bit of the culture surrounding the mattress. That a mattress is no more than just something soft to sleep on for a couple minutes and they don’t really think about what the body does while it is sleeping. And that although having a mattress can be helpful in providing a better sleep, only taking quick naps will not provide the body enough time to recover from the daily exertions of everyday life.

Citation: York, G. (2006, August 22). China’s ‘mattress culture’ takes sometimes fatal toll on employees. Retrieved November 14, 2016


-Racheal C


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