Monsters Under the Bed

In the article, Chris Thomson is able to bring the reader back into their own memories as a child and how strange and terrifying it was to think there was a monster lying quietly beneath their bed while their parents closed the door softly behind them. He brings in a quick history about where the monster most likely first appeared, through the bogeyman. He goes through different variations of this bogeyman such as the Sack Man who captures children in many Latin cultures. He brings up the question of why children are afraid of what’s not there. In reality, being afraid of the unknown is ingrained into every being’s conscience. The fear “comes from a lack of understanding of the world around them and their quickly-expanding imagination.” This article is good in depicting the culture that revolves around mattresses and shows how ironic a bed could actually be. Though it’s made for comfort and sleep, people almost become afraid of it when it comes time to actually fall asleep amongst the folds. A question that could be brought through after reading the writing would be how long this fear stays with a person. One never really think about elders being afraid of the dark, but there very well could be that fear, entrenched since childhood, lurking in the back of one’s mind, the itch one feels when they think they’re being watched. Could this fear be avoided? Or is it, in reality, a fear one is born with, regardless hearing stories being told?

Citation: Thomson, C. (2016, March 16). The History Of That Monster Who Lives Under Your Bed. Retrieved November 9, 2016, from Dreams.


-Racheal C


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