The Cost of an MRI

By Janae Leach

“Why Does an MRI Cost So Darn Much?” Time. Time, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2016.

This article answers the popular question of why an MRI scan is so expensive for patients. The first reason the article offers is that there are only five companies that make MRI machines and each one specializes in magnet strengths. Therefore, there is not a lot of competition for a hospital or medical center to buy one. The article talks about machine prices with the cheapest being around $150,000 and the most ranging up to 3 million. There is a huge range of prices for an MRI scan and that’s because hospitals and medical centers can charge whatever they want. In most cases, they do not have to justify prices or even disclose them ahead of time. In addition to cost of the scan, the total bill for the MRI will include the radiologist fee, the contrast dyes, and the cost of the procedure itself.

This article is pretty standard with a more serious tone. It is shorter and concise with the information it provides, which makes it easy to read all the way through. All the scientific facts it includes are described in a way that any audience can read it and understand.

The information from the article is useful in my description of the average cost for an MRI scan in my essay. The average cost of a scan is important, basic information for readers to understand about the MRI.





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