Imagining with the Digital Camera

Describe the technology in a unique, but accurate way. 

Tears stream down the children’s faces as they squint their eyes, their cheeks aching, and patience declining. Then they see a flash. The photographer snaps one more picture of the team and they are released to go to home.

All you have to do is hold this little black box in front of your face, and when people see you they will smile.

Describe what society would look like if the technology was always and super present. 

They are everywhere, always watching your every move. Everybody has one, but yet we are terrified of them and their potential. Nobody leaves the security and privacy of their houses anymore, for fear that they might be caught in a tragically embarrassing situation. We only know our neighbors by the pictures we see posted online from their courageous journey into the  outside world. All we know now is that anything we do outside has the potential to ruin our lives, and it’s all because of the digital camera.


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